Shoulder Diaper Bags VS Diaper Backpacks

In the battle of the baby diaper bags the contenders are: in the left corner, the tried and trusted shoulder diaper bag that has been around since before your grandma’s time, and in the right corner, the new-kid-on-the-block diaper backpack that is quickly rising in popularity due to its spaciousness and hands-free carrying. Who will win this epic battle of the baby diaper bags? Let’s examine both contenders as they battle for the title and find out.

Round 1: Storage

Shoulder diaper bags have been used to carry baby items around for a very long time as there is no denying that they are very capable of doing this job. They are usually designed to be as spacious as possible, with several different compartments for you to store your baby’s stuff. When they are packed full, however, these bags can get very bulky; carrying this weight on one shoulder is not always the easiest task.

When you want the maximum amount of space in a diaper bag, a backpack is your best option. These diaper bags are even spacier than the shoulder bag version and, even though they can be used to carry more stuff, they are actually easier to carry because they distribute weight evenly on your body, and not just on one shoulder. Also, because of the way they are designed when they are packed full they will not appear to be as bulky. And because they are behind you most of the time, even if they are bulky they will not as easily bump into things.

Round 2: Comfort

Traditional shoulder diaper bags are worn on one shoulder and cause the parent wearing them to bear all the weight of the baby supplies on that shoulder. This can be uncomfortable and it can also put a lot on strain and pressure on the shoulder, which can lead to muscle aches and back problems. Shoulder bags are notorious for always falling off, requiring constant hiking up and adjustment – attention that you would rather give to your baby or toddler.

A diaper backpack has two straps and is worn on both shoulders, so the weight of the bag is distributed evenly. This means that you will be able to carry one comfortably and there won’t be as much strain on your shoulders or back. Carrying a backpack with your baby items also frees up both your hands; you are able to use them to better care for your child, instead of trying to do everything with just one hand while the other hand is trying to keep your shoulder bag in place.

Round 3: Style

Most diaper backpacks look like ordinary backpacks and so they will more easily blend in with your personal style. You will also find them in a wide range of fashionable designs and stylish prints to compliment every personality. Many dads prefer to use diaper backpacks because it is not obvious that they are for babies and will not contradict their manly appearance. They can also appreciate how comfortable and easy these bags are to carry.

Messenger-bag style shoulder diaper bags can also be found in many different colors and prints, but in most cases it will be obvious that they are diaper bags. They tend to be quite bulky when they are filled with baby items, and this bulkiness does not lend itself well to being fashionable. Because all the weight on the bag is carried on one shoulder the wearer will often be tilted to one side if they do not constantly make an effort to straighten up; walking with a tilt is not very stylish at all.

And the Winner Is…

The Baby Diaper Backpack!!! (Yes! I was routing for this team) Seriously though, the advantages of using a diaper backpack over a shoulder backpack are significant and make it the better choice by far. Just the shoulder damage alone that you could potentially avoid is worth it. In my opinion, shoulder bags have had their time and the diaper backpack is the way of the future.

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