Essentials and Nice to Haves

Diaper bags today have more optional features than ever before. Bottle pockets, dedicated wipe storage, snack pockets – the list goes on and on. Which features are an absolute essential and which ones are just nice to have? In this article I will look at some of the diaper bag features that you must have, and some others that are not essential but are very nice to have.


One feature that is essential for your diaper bag is lots of space. You will need to take many different baby supplies when you go out with your baby or toddler, so the more space you can get out of your diaper bag the better. Ideally, you will want to look for a diaper bag that also has many different compartments for easy storage and accessibility; compartments help you keep your diaper bag neat and organized.

The best diaper bags have large zippers to make accessing the contents inside as hassle free as possible. Bags with magnetic closures are also good, but you should stay away from bags with Velcro closures as, while they can be very easy to open and close, they can also be very noisy and may wake your sleeping baby. You should also steer clear of bags with complicated locks or latches – you don’t want to have to spend more time than necessary opening your diaper bags when you need to get to a diaper ASAP.

You will also want to have adjustable straps on your diaper back; this will make it possible to adjust the bag so that it is more comfortable for you to wear. And it will be more convenient for other members of your family to carry your diaper bag since they can adjust it to a length that is comfortable for each person. Adjustable straps also make it possible to put your diaper backpack on your baby’s stroller.

Nice To Haves

There are some features that are not an absolute must-have on your diaper bag, but that can make it much more convenient and easy to use. One such feature is the diaper changing pad. Many diaper bags today will come with one of these included; diaper changing pads are very useful when you are on the go and have to change your baby with no bathroom in sight. Even if you have access to a public bathroom with a changing table, it is still a good idea to use your own changing pad to change your baby.

Insulated bottle pockets are also a nice feature to have on your diaper bag. They are useful for keeping your baby’s bottles warm or cold when you are traveling. This feature will be more convenient in the cold months or when you are on a long trip and don’t have access to hot water for your baby’s bottle. It can be used to keep formula nice and warm until your baby is ready to feed.

Some diaper bags have an external pocket dedicated to holding baby wipes and making them more accessible. This is a wonderful added feature that many moms and dads will be able to appreciate, especially in the moments when they need to get a wipe super-fast. These wipe pockets will typically have an easy-open lid to make getting access to your wipes a breeze.

Closing Thoughts

So there you have it, some features that you will for sure need in your diaper bag and some others that are great to have even if they are not absolutely necessary. Depending on your personal needs, some “nice-to-have” features may become essential. For example, if you will always need to keep your baby bottles warm, insulated pockets will be essential for you. So always keep your needs in mind when choosing the features that you want to have on your diaper bag.

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