Buying Guide

There are tons of different diaper backpacks on the Internet for you to purchase. Many of them will do their best to capture your attention and your money with distracting colors, cheap prices, and/ or marketing gimmicks. Don’t get fooled into buying the wrong diaper bag! The information I have put together in this article will give you all the important things to look out for on any bag that you are thinking to get, and will therefore help you to make a better decision.

Construction Materials

The materials that are used to construct your diaper bag are important; it’s best to get a diaper bag that is made with strong and durable materials. Diaper bags can get very dirty and are normally subjected to rough treatment like being thrown on the ground, puked on, and stuffed full of baby supplies. Also, the materials used should not contain any chemicals or dyes that could possibly harm your baby.

You should avoid materials like PVC as, although it is easy to clean, it is made with chemicals that may be harmful to children. Look for bags that are made with natural materials like organic cotton or materials that are PVC and BPA free and certified to be safe for children. It is also important that the materials used in the construction of your diaper bag are easy to clean. While you will want to avoid most easy-to-wipe materials like vinyl for safety reasons, a diaper bag that you can throw in the washing machine will work just fine. Some bags, like many of those made by Ju-Ju-Be, are made with an antimicrobial finish called Agion, which will reduce the growth of microbes like harmful bacteria and mold.

Easy to Carry and Use

You will most likely be carrying your diaper backpack a lot, so you should look for one that is both easy to carry and convenient to use. Backpacks are known to be bags that are easy to carry because of their two straps; getting one with straps that are padded for comfort and also adjustable can make carrying it even easier. When you are busying chasing your toddler around to keep him or her out of harm’s way, the last thing that you want to have to worry about is an uncomfortable diaper bag.

Ideally, your diaper bag should also have some other features that will make it easy to use. Features like closures that can be opened at a moment’s notice, like magnetic closures and zipper closures, will go a long way toward making your parenting-on-the-go easier. If you plan to use your stroller to carry your baby’s diaper bag very often, you may also want to look at bags that come with stroller straps, even though the straps on a diaper backpack can also be used for this purpose.

Compartments and Organization

The number of compartments in your diaper bag is also an important factor to consider. Generally speaking, the more compartments the better. Compartments like pockets are very useful in helping you to keep your diaper bag organized. Without them you will very often find yourself rummaging through a cluster of baby supplies to find the item that you need. When you are dealing with babies and toddlers you don’t want to spend unnecessary time looking for stuff, so being able to keep things organized can be a big help.

There are baby backpacks that have compartments dedicated to things like wipes, snacks, and even your personal effects like keys and tablets. Some will also have insulated bottle pockets to keep your baby’s bottles warm or cold, depending on your needs. Even though it is good to get a bag with lots of pockets, make sure that the pockets are actually useable and not just for show. Bags with many small pockets that won’t be able to hold much, for example, should be avoided.

Closing Thoughts

These are some of the things that you should look at when you are shopping around for a diaper backpack. When you shop armed with this information on what features to look for in a diaper bag, you will be much more likely to make a good decision and purchase a diaper bag that will serve you for a very long time.

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